Bringing new technologies to people's businesses, in order to speed up, precise and automate, level up, cut costs and time, and increase their earnings, it's why we exsist.

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What we do

The tool which it's impossible without

The IT industry has penetrated into absolutely every other industry. From medicine to construction, from sport to fun, from production to sale. They all need our favorite tool, called software. When there is the right software, things get faster and more precise, and the business itself is easier.

The technology is progressing at a tremendous speed and is often changing. This should make us happy, because the new versions allow us to solve many problems.

Accordingly, one software solution should look like this, at the moment:

  • to be web-based or combined
  • to be safe and easily upgradable
  • to be adjustable for mobile and tablet
  • to have at least two databases, one of which is on a cloud
  • to provide access from everywhere at anytime
  • to have a friendly user interface
  • to be compatible with multiple operating systems
  • to be easy to navigate

A few steps to a new web site

Making web pages 'from scratch'. From design to functionality, using the latest web technologies.

Follow our guide to find the answers you need in the process of creating a web site.

  • Choose your domain: domain is what starts at www. and its name must reflect your company, and at the same time be easy to remember the creation of a web site
  • Choose your hosting: when choosing hosting, you must consider the size of the website and the monthly attendance you expect
  • Choose the type of website: from multimedia to functionality – the main decision on how to present your business through the new web site
For bigger business credibility, more informed clients and customers and a bigger market.
  • development and implementation
  • maintenance
  • content management
  • eCommerce

Decided to go digital?

Let's start creating!
Social Media

because your customers expect to find your brand there.

  • audit and strategy
  • setup, design, and optimisation
  • content creation and distribution
  • community management
  • analytics
Paid Media

to get discovered, gain more customers and drive sales.

  • social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Google Ads (search ads, display ads, YouTube video ads, shopping ads)
  • planning, executing, optimizing and analyzing campaigns
Local Search

to position your brand on the top of the Search rankings before your competitor does.

  • keyword analysis and research
  • Google My Business claim, verification, and optimisation
  • claiming and optimizing profiles and business listings on Yahoo & Bing Local, FourSquare & Yelp
  • local link building and citations strategies
  • Google Organic CTR improvement

that works for every channel and platform.

  • optimization
  • editing
  • copywriting
  • infographics

We design that’s to be experienced in an instant is the easiest to recognize.

We arrange type, form, and image on posters, advertisements, packages, and other printed matter, as well as information visualizations and graphics for newspapers and magazines.
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