The Essential Oil Recipe Journal is a great organized journal to hold all your aromatherapy blends. Designed specifically for essential oil users by a lifelong enthusiast. This journal offers 5 separate sections for Diffuser Blends, Home Cleaning Recipes and Tricks, Roller Combinations, Single Oil Affirmations, Protocol, and Your Notes. There is a lot of space for writing in detail, for each sector 80 recipes.
The aesthetics and design allow the diary to be your story to neatly record your new standard of living, the new dimension of your home and the new version of you. Journaling encourages your growth and development through nature and helps you organize and store your favorite daily rituals that feed your soul.
Created to witness a healthier, proactive and productive person. A reflection of a happy fulfilled woman who is the leader of her family and rules her home.

This is a unique gift choice for yourself, a dear friend, family member or colleague who also loves essential oils.


Zora is the goddess of morning and beauty. It is part of the triad of Denica and Vechernica. Dawn recreates itself every morning, emerging from the ocean and flying across the sky, heralding the arrival of the Sun – to bring people the light of a new day.
Love is a symbol for the dawn goddess. One of Zora’s lovers is Titon, and she lived with him until the very end. She loved her husband Tithon so much that she asked Zeus to grant him immortality. Zeus granted her wish, but Zora forgot to ask for eternal youth to accompany his immortality. He continued to age and soon could not even move. Finally, the goddess locked him in a chamber, where he dried up, becoming a helpless old man. Out of pity, she turned him into a bug.
The goddess had two sons with Titon – Ematia and Memnon. The first son did not achieve great fame, but that is why Memnon was one of the famous heroes of the Trojan War. He died in a duel with the Greek hero Achilles. After the death of her son, the inconsolable Eos, in great pain, shed tears – which daily appear on the earth as dew.

Zora (Anthocharis cardamines) is a butterfly of the white species, which includes over 1100 species of butterflies. Males have a clear orange hue, which is characteristic of this butterfly. Males and females live in different areas. Males are found near forests, and females in meadows.

First you start with an egg. It turns from an egg into a larva (caterpillar). Then it passes into a cocoon or pupa stage. At this stage the insect is covered with a covering (cocoon) whose color is identical to the color of the plant to which it is attached. The butterfly is trapped in the cocoon and is struggling. But if you go to help her out earlier than she’s ready, you’ll hurt her wings and she’ll die or never fly. Everyone has their own periodic table in which the phase of being in a bubble is different. But we all have wings and we will fly, we just have to trust the process. The bubble is temporarily here to protect us. The final stage is called the adult butterfly stage.