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Developing a software

Take your business to the next level, by automatic as much processes as you can.

Upgrade to a Web Shop

Your website is doing fine? More and more visits everyday? It's time to upgrade.

Adopt the Social Media

Make your business feel fresh every time we post something for you on the social media.

Building a Website

Let the World be aware of your existence. And don't just do it. Do it right.

Take it to the cloud!

You can register your favorite domain and hosting, and feel safe about your data.

Get yourself an Influencer

These guys will shout out for you and your brand on the Social Media. They are very good at that.

about us

Growing together with
Serafimov GROUP

More than 12 years Serafimov GROUP is helping companies to reach their branding goals.

Bringing new technologies to people’s businesses, in order to speed upprecise and automatelevel upcut costs and time, and increase their earnings, it’s why we exsist.

Give us a call.


Yes, that’s right. And they’re not just clients to us. They’re our friends.


And we’re evolving everyday. Just like the technology does.


We’re proud of every single one and we’re ready for more.

Our Clients Said

What Our Clients Said
About Serafimov GROUP?

“After cycling through multiple Web Development companies and seeing no results, I finally came across Serafimov GROUP. Choosing to work with them is hands down one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made.”

GARMIN Macedonia
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Our campaigns get your business in front of the right people at the
right time to increase organic traffic and boost engagement.
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What They
Say About

Виктор Стојкоски
SERAFIMOV GROUP е наш член во Асоцијацијата за е-трговија на Македонија и со следење на најновите трендови во е-трговијата покажаа значаен придонес за развојот на е-трговијата градејќи нови е-продавници за многу бизниси.
Виктор Стојкоски
Генерален секретар на
Асоцијација за е-трговија на Македонија
Јован Битољану
SERAFIMOV Group е одличен избор, доколку сакате вашиот бизнис да расте. Нам ни помогнаа да постигнеме силно онлајн присуство и со нетрпение ги очекуваме идните соработки со нив.
Јован Битољану
Kо-сопственик на Книжарница за стрипови БУНКЕР
Билјана Шијаковска
Професионален, ефективен и креативен тим, на кој можете да се потпрете за вашиот бизнис да расте. Едноставни за работа и соработка, нашите долгогодишни партнери - Серафимов Груп.
Билјана Шијаковска
CEO / MKhost
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